3 Day Goal Crush

3 Day Goal Crush


Wouldn't it be amazing to achieve that goal you've been putting off by the end of this week? Join our group goal crush for:

  • Daily accountability.
  • Help breaking your goal down into tasks.
  • Permission to eliminate invaluable commitments.
  • Introductions to other goal crushers.
  • That delicious sense of accomplishment.
  • Less weight on your shoulders.
  • Freedom to move on to something new next week.

You have the option to join us each morning in my virtual meeting room for 30 minutes at 8:45 a.m. Eastern (Wednesday Sep 13, Thursday Sep 14, and Friday Sep 15) or work via the Facebook group or email according to your availability.

No goal is too small or too big. Let's do this!

Yes, I want to be a goal crusher!