5-Day Credibility Challenge

5-Day Credibility Challenge


Join us for this FREE 5-day virtual challenge to build your online credibility to establish trust with prospects, strategic partners and the media.

"The single most effective and practical program I’ve taken as a small business owner. It struck the perfect balance between being doable, but also challenging me to kick my game up to the next level.” Marissa Polselli

Daily actionable emails for 1 week followed by a live group call. Challenge kicks off on Monday September 25 and wraps up with a live group call on Monday October 2.

Your success in business is directly proportional to how quickly (and how well) you can establish credibility with your customers and colleagues. My goal is to help you build a strong online presence so you are perceived as a trusted and established leader.

No credit card is necessary; however, when you checkout, the form will require you to fill in your name, email and mailing address.

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