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Impacting Millions with Selena Soo

Last chance to join Impacting Millions! CART CLOSES TONIGHT.

Do you have a dream of doing something bigger this year? 

Impacting Millions will get you the media coverage to make that happen by giving you more visibility and credibility.  

  • Publicity isn’t about just drawing attention to yourself. It’s about sharing your message to the people who most need your help.
  • You can be the best at what you do, but if no one knows who you are (outside of your small group of clients), you’ll never reach your full potential.
  • If you have important ideas to share with people or a story that moves them, you’re ready for publicity!
  • Don’t let fear of rejection hold you back from reaching the people you are meant to help.
  • It’s important that you develop the skill of getting people excited about your work -- so that influencers and the media open up their platform of tens of thousands or even millions of people to you, so that you can share your message and ideas in a bigger way. 

Don't wait another 12 months to get your message out to those that need to hear it. It's your responsibility to share your gifts with the world. Learn more HERE

When you join with my link, you also get these bonuses from me:

  • $297 credit towards any of my programs (Above the Crowd, VIP 1:1 coaching, Success Connection) 
  • 1 free ticket to the retreat of your choice (Soar to New Heights or Shoot for the Stars) 

I am an affiliate for Selena Soo. If you purchase her program, Impacting Millions, I may receive a commission. 

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