You know that feeling where you can see where you want to be in your business, but aren’t sure of the best way to get there? 

You have the beginning of the equation—you, with your talents and passion and vision. And you have the end of the equation—success, goals realized, freedom and fulfillment. It’s that in between piece that can feel elusive or overwhelming.

I love that piece. That piece is where you get clear on your goals and your strategy. It’s where you find your voice, connect with the people who will help you succeed, and build your credibility.  

That piece is golden. And it’s my specialty. It’s what I do really well. In fact, I kick ass at it.



I’m Jamie Broderick, and your voice matters to me.

Finding your voice with Jamie Broderick, Visibility Strategist

That’s because, one way or another, voice has been the constant in my life.

As a child, I didn’t have one. As a teenager, I went from silence to shouting, quick to take a dare whatever the outcome. 

As an adult, I’m just as fearless in rising to a challenge, but I’ve learned to focus my voice, and use it to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. 

My own equation goes something like this: 

I took my business intuition and drive, sharpened it with a career in corporate finance, added creativity and an extensive network of successful influencers, and put it all together into something that’s much more than a job to me.

I’ve spent the past ten years seeking out the potential in women entrepreneurs, whether they saw it yet themselves or not.

My job, and my joy, is to uncover and build up that potential so that every person I work with understands that she matters, and is connected with the resources to use her own voice to be successful and make a difference in the world. 

I believe in pushing limits and expanding possibilities. I believe in lifting others up and shining the light on them.

I believe in you.  



“Jamie inspires women to think outside the box, to take risks, to dream, and then to create something extraordinary.”

- Lu Ann Cahn, Author and Emmy Award Winning Journalist

Lu Ann Cahn, Client of Jamie Broderick
Denise Palmer, Client of Jamie Broderick

"Jamie has a way of making other people's dreams come true...a fairy godmother of sorts who waves a wand of persistence, hard work, vision, faith in others, energy and courage...it's a kind of 'magic', the kind that affects everyone for the better."

- Denise Palmer, Deserving Decor


What makes me qualified to advise you on your business?

  • Accounting and Economics degree from Rutgers University (great starting foundation)
  • 20 years of accounting, business and finance experience (climbed the corporate ladder to a Controller position)
  • 7 years of management experience (loved leading, teaching and inspiring my teams!)
  • Recovering CPA (accounting theory came easy, but this line of work is way too vanilla for me)
  • Masters in Taxation credits from Seton Hall (what was I thinking?)
  • Lifelong learner and creative thinker (together we can figure anything out!)
  • Well connected and influential leader (who do you want to meet?)
  • Founder of The Success Connection (still going strong 10 years later)
  • Founder of two annual women's retreats, 'Shoot for the Stars' and 'Soar to New Heights' (amazing!)
  • Creator of a signature system for market leadership (confidence, credibility, connections and visibility)
  • Co-Producer and Marketing Director for TEDxLincolnSquare in NYC (helping speakers share their message)
  • Featured in multiple media publications and a film documentary  (google me!)
  • Piles of testimonials from happy clients and members (isn't that what it's all about?)
  • Big believer in long term results and big impact (lighting up the world, one success at a time!)

Ready to Connect?