Mastermind Deposit

Mastermind Deposit


deep dive business building mastermind

Who it’s for: Entrepreneurs and creatives who have achieved success in the past and now want to launch a new initiative, further master their role as a leader, expand their current business, and/or build a platform as the go-to authority. Invitation only.

What it is: Mentoring and brainstorming program focused on business, platform and visibility building strategies. Includes immersive trainings, clarity on next steps, personalized introductions, planning and accountability.

Monthly in-person and/or virtual meetings, private phone coaching from me, weekly support and accountability, a business and marketing toolbox, and the collective intelligence and support of a close-knit community.

Your Commitment: Attend in-person and virtual group meetings regularly; Schedule your private coaching calls; Commit to taking action daily; Fiercely support and celebrate the other mastermind members; respect confidentiality.

Let’s create something extraordinary.


  • 30-minute Private Strategic Planning Session

  • Goal Crush Tool Kit

  • Printed Planner for Weekly Accountability

  • Exclusive Special Guest Appearances from VIPs

  • Headshot and weblink feature in my client directory

Count me in

$450 deposit + $675/month New York City (21 W 46th St) / January - June 2019 / meetings will be once a month on a Friday 10-2 / private upscale conference room with roof deck access / lunch provided / limited to 7 / starts January 11

Here is an example of the kind of transformations I get for my clients when they fully commit to working with me:

One of my clients, we’ll call her Jane, started with a highly desirable service that she offered at a low hourly rate. She had limited part time staff, no documented systems or boundaries, and no free time because she was running herself ragged to serve her clients, doing everything herself.

After working with me, Jane now offers premium packages, has a team to service her clients, expanded her office space, put systems and boundaries into place, earns high six figures per year, and has time to travel, exercise and write a book. The icing on the cake is that her clients are now actually better served.