CIRCLES Monthly membership

CIRCLES Monthly membership


Weekly intentional, focused action + accountability.

Who it’s for: Serious action takers interested in accountability and productivity so that you can achieve your big goals with more focus and less wasted time.

What it is: Virtual group program to get you clear on where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Daily motivation and weekly accountability to keep moving forward. Productivity advice to help you stay in your lane and achieve your goals faster.

$67 / month (If you prefer to pay $670 annually, please go HERE)

“It’s an upleveling of focus that leads to purposeful action” Marissa Polselli

“I get so much done by breaking up my week into chunks and focusing on primary activities each day instead of attacking a long list in a haphazard manner.” Zack Demopoulos


  • Goal Crush Tool Kit

  • Printed Planner for Weekly Accountability

Yes, I want to be more productive