Above the Crowd Live with Jamie Broderick

Pushing your boundaries.

Figuring out what’s got you stuck and breaking through your self-imposed limits. Finding a new perspective or a renewed passion. 

These are things we all want, and need from time to time if we want to keep leveling up personally and professionally. The problem is, it’s hard to fit “figuring out what’s got you stuck and breaking through self-imposed limits” in between answering emails, getting the kids to school, picking up the dry cleaning, closing a deal with a client, making dinner, etc… 

Which is why we go on retreats. 

Taking time to disrupt your routine for a few days—to go somewhere or do something outside your normal experience—opens your mind up to new connections, new ways of thinking, and new solutions.   

My retreat experiences do just that. Each has its own vibe and focus, but at the heart of both retreats is the idea that if you want a game-changing experience, you have to change up your game. 





Sun. Ocean. Time to breathe. Time to think. Community to inspire and challenge and support you. Join us in January and shoot for the stars. We’ll save a beach chair for you.


New york

The challenge of a ropes course, the inspiration of mindset coaching, and a supportive community to cheer you on. Join us in September and soar to new heights. The sky’s the limit!


Ali Phillips, Client of Jamie Broderick

“Jamie, what an amazing three days! What incredible women! I woke up today with a new outlook and feel refreshed and revived! Thank you!”

—Ali Phillips, Engaging Events by Ali, Inc.


“I keep going back to so many moments from the retreat in my mind - so warm and impactful. It is one of those events where you will absolutely leave shining brighter and more full of belief in yourself than when you arrived, no matter how confident and successful you are! I loved it all! Thank you!”

—Terree O’Neill Yeagle, The Moment Photography

Terree O'Neill Yeagle, Client of Jamie Broderick
Michele Smith Millar, Client of Jamie Broderick

“I never knew how amazing these connections could be until I attended Jamie’s Business Beach Retreat! I never knew I had so many "blocks" until the retreat leaders helped me uncover them in a safe, supportive atmosphere! I experienced true and genuine sisterhood with the amazing women here, and discovered so many different ways to push through my blocks and set my bar high! Thank you so much, Jamie, for making this possibility my new reality! And thank you for showing me, through word and action, that anything really is possible!”

– Michele Smith Millar, Usborne Books & More