Soar to New Heights New York Adventure Retreat with Jamie Broderick

New York Adventure Retreat

Imagine the impact on your business when you have a positive mindset and unstoppable confidence.

Soar to New Heights is a three-day Adventure Retreat in Middletown NY that invites you to push your own boundaries and realize your true potential by combining the physical challenge of an adventure course and the gentle movement of yoga with powerful mindset and success coaching. 

It takes doing what seems impossible to realize there’s no such thing. And there’s no better way to dispel the myth of impossibility than with friends. Let’s Soar to New Heights together! 

Ticket price includes:

  • Impactful training sessions on mindset and success
  • 2 nights hotel double occupancy
  • Morning yoga and breakfast buffet
  • Wine and food reception at a beautiful apple orchard
  • Team building exercises and ropes challenge course
  • Barbecue lunch and happy hour
  • Lifetime friendships and support
  • Special bonuses from all of our speakers
  • Clarity , confidence and capability.
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september 20 18

Super Early Bird Pricing $597 includes 2-night hotel stay


our 2017 retreat agenda (2018 speakers not yet selected):

  • Lifestyle expert and wellness coach Ellen Palmer kicks off the event Sunday afternoon with a powerful session on 'Break through the Success Ceiling and Soar'.
  • Business strategy and communications coach Sue Guiher will lead an interactive workshop to help you become a champion by becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and fears. 
  • We end Sunday with networking  at a beautiful orchard over local ciders and wine and food prepared by a Culinary Institute trained chef. 
  • On Monday and Tuesday morning, our movement expert Rebecca Kahn will lead yoga sessions so you can focus inward and prepare for the day ahead.
  • We spend Monday collaborating on team building games, building our confidence on the ropes course (at your level of ability), and enjoying an outdoor BBQ in the beautiful autumn landscape.
  • We end Monday with a toast to our community's 10 year anniversary and two roundtable discussions: Aimee Hoch will talk about fear and impact and Carolyn Bennett Sullivan will help you tame the 'monkey chatter' in your head.
  • On Tuesday,  our leadership success experts will help you take the confidence gained from your experience on the ropes and apply it to your business so you can become an unstoppable force.
  • Our morning session with Stephanie Trager will include visualization exercises to help you leverage your gifts and talents so you can rise to become a more powerful version of yourself. 
  • Our afternoon session with Jen Groover will help you identify the beliefs and emotions that hold you back from achieving your goals and teach to you how to program new beliefs that will eliminate your barriers to success.
  • And just like I had my daughter to cheer me on, you’ll be supported and encouraged by the community that will form as we face our perceived limits and overcome them together. 

Why I created this retreat.....

You learn a lot about yourself in the middle of a forest, suspended by ropes, five stories from the ground. 

You learn what you’re afraid of. You learn that the only way to get past the fear is to move forward. And you learn, at the end of it all, that you’re made of even stronger stuff than you realized. 

Thanks to my daughter, who challenged me to take on the most intense ropes course at the adventure park, and who cheered me on with shouts of “You got this, mom!” as I literally soared to new heights, I came away from the experience with the absolute conviction that I could soar just as high and just as joyfully in my life and business—and the absolute conviction that I needed to share this experience with others. 


Our 2017 Retreat Leaders (2018 speakers not yet selected)

2017 retreat attendees get raw and real to share their struggles and push through limits and fears and learn that they're capable of so much more.