Do you want to grow your business?

How about growing it quickly and efficiently with ease?

Imagine having:

  • answers to your specific business challenges,
  • clear next steps to move your business forward,
  • personalized, strategic introductions to resources and prospects, 
  • access to influencers who are playing a higher game,
  • increased visibility and referrals into your sales funnel, and
  • a collaborative, supportive network to cheer you on as you reach that next level in your business.

This is exactly what happens inside The Success Connection




"The high-level advice I received during the VIP mentor calls led to my breakthrough as the go-to expert in my field and accelerated my success, shaving years off my timeline. I followed the advice of EOFire's John Lee Dumas and my visibility and success have skyrocketed. Jamie knows how to connect you to the people that will have an impact on your mission!" - Kristin Smedley, Curing Retinal Blindness

Every month, members of our virtual business support network get:

  • exclusive face-to-face, on-camera access to VIP mentors (see our incredible lineup of influencers below) where you  can introduce yourself and tap into their vast knowledge and experience, 
  • laser-focused private phone coaching sessions with Jamie Broderick who has helped thousands of women build businesses (see what members have to say about her coaching HERE), 
  • live group video coaching on the latest tech tools and software to make your business more systemized and efficient (i.e., Slack, Evernote, Gmail, Hootsuite, Thinkific, ConvertKit), and
  • opportunities to network with other members in our virtual meeting room and in our private Facebook group. 

It's all about playing a higher game and becoming the best version of yourself.

We'd love to help you accomplish your goals, quicker, with less effort, and to help you step into the spotlight and through new doors of opportunity. 

Membership will open for registration in August 2018. Join the waiting list to get notified. 

meet our vip mentors

Members of the Success Connection get exclusive face-to-face, on-camera access with our VIPs in our virtual meeting room.

"If you hang out with people playing a higher game, you can't help but play a higher game yourself." Jamie Broderick