the Success Connection

a virtual entrepreneur network to raise your game

  • exclusive access to influencers for personalized high-level advice,

  • private coaching with Jamie Broderick for direction on business and marketing

  • clear next steps via email after each coaching call

  • strategic introductions to help you reach your goals, and

  • a supportive network to celebrate every win along your journey.


become the best version of yourself

Let's work together to tap into your incredible talents and make your business soar.

Please note that in order to provide a high level of personalized attention, we only offer at a total of 50 memberships.

"If you're looking for support for your business, if you're looking for camaraderie from fellow business people, if you're looking for insight from someone who is an expert at visibility and upping your game, you cannot go wrong and you cannot find better than Jamie Broderick." - Marissa Polselli, Wordtree



"The high-level advice I received during the VIP mentor calls led to my breakthrough as the go-to expert in my field and accelerated my success, shaving years off my timeline. I followed the advice of EOFire's John Lee Dumas to speak directly to the mothers of kids who were diagnosed with blindness and my visibility and success have skyrocketed. Jamie knows how to connect you to the people that will have an impact on your mission!" - Kristin Smedley, Curing Retinal Blindness

Every month, as a member of the Success Connection, you will get:

  • high-level personalized business and marketing advice with:

    • exclusive face-to-face, on-camera access to VIP mentors (see our incredible lineup of influencers below) where you can introduce yourself and tap into their vast knowledge and experience,

    • laser-focused private phone coaching sessions with Jamie Broderick who has helped thousands of women build businesses (see what members have to say about her coaching HERE),

    • virtual mini mastermind sessions 3x per year to get new ideas and perspectives on your current business challenge so you can walk away with a clear action plan to move forward.

  • constant motivation, business advice and celebration in our private Facebook group.


Hear what our members have to say…


meet, literally, our vip mentors

Members of the Success Connection get exclusive face-to-face, on-camera access with our VIPs in our virtual meeting room.

"If you hang out with people playing a higher game, you can't help but play a higher game yourself." Jamie Broderick