are you ready to play a higher game?


What it is: Above the Crowd is a two-phase mastermind to build your platform and then scale it.

Step 1) Above the Crowd PLATFORM is for entrepreneurs who want to build a stronger online brand, claim their spot as the in-demand go-to expert, create a powerful marketing strategy, grow their following and build a strong foundation on which to build a business - and to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The mastermind runs for four months starting September.

Investment: $3000 (or $500 deposit + $675/month)

Step 2) Above the Crowd SCALE is for entrepreneurs who have already built a platform, experienced success and are more than ready to push to that next level. The mastermind runs for six months starting January and focuses on scaling your business and leveraging your platform.

Investment: $4500 (or $750 deposit + $675/month)

You get everything you need to become the authority in your industry and build a business you love so that you can increase your income and have more free time. It’s the entrepreneur ideal. Coaching is personalized to what you need right now.

Includes virtual private and group sessions, tools and resources, strategic introductions and guidance, an underlying commitment to productivity, and the collective intelligence and support of a close-knit community.

Bonus: Free membership in The Success Connection


What it is: Above the Crowd VIP is private coaching with Jamie Broderick for ongoing direction and resources to build your credibility markers, expand your network of connections, increase visibility, implement systems and improve efficiencies. Contract customized to your needs. Includes 24/7 access to ensure forward momentum and results.

Who it’s for: Entrepreneurs and creatives who want 24/7 guidance to build an efficient and successful business and be positioned as the respected go-to expert in your industry.

Investment: $2500 / month


What it is: Above the Crowd is a platform building intensive. This training and implementation program will build your market leadership and position you as the go-to expert. Over five weeks, you’ll get deep-dive lessons on mindset, credibility, connections, visibility, and scaling, step-by-step strategic action plan, a toolbox of resources and weekly private coaching by phone with Jamie.

Who it’s for: Entrepreneurs who want to build a platform as the trusted authority, grow your network of strategic connections, increase your visibility and start to scale. If you’re ready to take action, love personalized guidance from someone who gets results, could use some accountability and want to get results quickly, this program is for you.


What it is: Success Circles is a virtual intention setting and goal accomplishment group. Weekly personalized coaching gets you clear on where you want to go and how you’re going to get there to keep you moving forward in the right direction so you can achieve your goals faster with less stress.

Who it’s for: Serious action takers interested in accountability and productivity so that you can achieve your big goals with more focus and less wasted time. If you’re tired of rushing from one thing to another in a constant spin, this program will give you the tools and permission to step back and be more intentional.


What it is: The Success Connection is a virtual membership network for entrepreneurs that encourages members to play a higher game by raising the bar on business training, access to influencers and celebration of wins. Benefits include monthly private business coaching with Jamie Broderick and direct live on-camera access to our expert VIPs.

Who it’s for: Motivated entrepreneurs who are fired up to grow their business by strengthening their business knowledge, growing their connections, expanding their online presence, and celebrating their wins with other business owners. Perfect fit for collaborative action takers.

do you have a daring idea to share?

What it is: Speakers Who Dare is a groundbreaking speaker platform created and produced by Jamie Broderick and Tricia Brouk that launched in New York City in March 2019.

Who it’s for: Public speakers who want to share their daring ideas with a global audience.

For information on how to get on our stage, please visit SpeakersWhoDare.com.