Build a Network

Networking events and conferences can be a goldmine of opportunity for business owners—but how much you get out of them depends on what you put into them. The right attitude and actions can transform the next event you attend from a mere exchange of business cards to a meaningful beginning for mutually beneficial relationships.

Here are the six things I personally do to make the most of networking events and conferences:

Before the event:

I send the speaker a note to introduce myself and tell them I’m looking forward to hearing their presentation.

At the event:

I arrive early to meet the event organizer and host, and I reconnect with them at the end of the event to say thank you.

I take a photo or shoot a video of the speakers and attendees to share and tag on social media to give them publicity.

I meet the event sponsors and ask them why they supported the event to get insight into their needs and see if I can help them further.

I make a point of meeting at least three new people and learning not just what they do, but why. 

After the event:

I follow up with the people I’ve met immediately on LinkedIn with a note, a connection request, and some helpful information.

Building a strong network by helping others will make a far greater and more lasting impact on your level of success in business than merely using people as stepping stones to get ahead. A truly successful approach brings value to you and the people with whom you’ve connected. 

To make the most of your networking opportunities:

  • do some research to develop a strategy,

  • connect with as many people as you can beforehand,

  • meet the key people involved,

  • provide value in the way of resources or referrals, and

  • follow up after the event so you can take the relationship further.

Building your network with care, and caring for the people in it, creates a space for everyone involved to find encouragement, support, and new possibilities for success.

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Your connections are everything. You not only build your business, you create lifelong friendships.

Your connections are everything. You not only build your business, you create lifelong friendships.