Clear next steps and a focused strategy

jamie helps you get laser focused, stop wasting time, and start seeing results

Here’s what clients have said about phone coaching sessions with Jamie:

“Another great coaching call with Jamie -- the perfect combination of clear + focused, action oriented wisdom and the beauty of hearing my own clarity.” Kate Brenton

"You know how some people just “get it”? Jamie took me out of the weeds and had me focused and ready to fire. Don’t wait – just call her." Kathy Marcino


"I got more action plans and guidance in 15 minutes than other coaches have done for me in an hour." James Lucas


“What can you do in 15 minutes? If you spend them on a call with Jamie Broderick, you can get clarity on your marketing strategy, rightsize your pricing structure, map out a new service offering, and hang up feeling like you can conquer the world.” Marissa Polselli


"Jamie is an excellent and expert listener! She was able to hone in on the big picture I was painting to distill objective, granular pieces of advice which will help keep me moving forward with my speaking career. Before our call ended, she was thinking of someone to connect me to and pointed me in the direction of a valuable resource. Wow! Time with Jamie is time well spent." Kelly Stewart


"Whenever I miss my call with you, my business goes off the rails. So glad to have talked and gotten back on track this month." Laura Templeton


"It is impressive how productive 15 minutes can be! My call with Jamie resulted in three connection referrals and a detailed suggestion on how to keep track of progress and follow up status for my business outreach program. Loved connecting with you Jamie!" Lucy Goldstein


"If you are struggling in a particular area of your business, Jamie always has great suggestions and ideas to help get you unstuck! She challenges you to look at your business with new vision and helps you step into all of the amazing possibilities!" Laura Templeton


"My 15 minute coaching call with Jamie Broderick was priceless. She answered my questions and her valuable insight and encouragement energized me to leap outside of my comfort zone for the purpose of moving my business forward. I cannot thank her enough for the opportunity to work together." Esther Hughes


"Incredibly powerful. Invaluable advice." Ellen Rackas


"Jamie Broderick knows how to identify what you need to do so you can be successful." Tricia Brouk


"Jamie, you really helped a lot today. I generated a long list of organizations to connect with, finished my program and am in LinkedIn updating my profile and giving/requesting recommendations." Deb Zobel


"My 15 minute call with Jamie was awesome, as always. I was all over the place and within a few minutes she helped me laser focus on what my next steps truly were. She went on to suggest the contact who would best serve my specific needs. It was so refreshing not to be "sold" to. Not only is Jamie an exceptional connector, she is invested in the success of each of her peeps." Leslie Vellios


"Jamie gave me concrete suggestions of people to connect with and strategies to increase my visibility." Carolyn Bennett Sullivan


"Jamie is a great listener and is always ready for a suggestion or a helpful idea to help me grow and soar. If only I could speak with her every day, especially when I feel defeated and need a boost." Judith Quate


"Jamie is always concise and has a great clarity. So these calls become a very targeted push forward! Brilliant!" Lucy Goldstein


"My 15 minute call with Jamie is so valuable. I always have a clearly defined path at the end of our call. All of my steps are gearing me towards the next level with what I refer to as Jamie's supportive push. Always pushing you towards what she knows you are capable of and then guess what? She is right and now you believe it too!" Aimee Hoch


"Jamie was born to be a connector.Her listening skills combined with her people-know-who is a gift to all those who trust in her." Diana Polack


"Jamie helped me narrow my focus so that I know what to concentrate on! I feel more confident about my next steps." Susan Townsend


“Jamie’s direction was clear, on target and completely aligned with my values. It made it easy for me to move forward on a project I was stuck in. How can this happen in 15 minutes? It’s because Jamie knows her people, listens impeccably, and her only agenda in these calls is to help her peeps move forward!  Leslie Vellios


"The value that Jamie provides during a 15-minute coaching call is seriously impressive.  In that short time, she expertly guides you to a place of better clarity and sharper focus, providing the honest feedback you need in order to achieve your goals." Jill Wichner


"My call with Jamie is the most effective quarter hour in my month. Where else can you celebrate wins, strategize on passive streams of income, and brainstorm about financing--and walk away feeling better informed, prepared, and inspired than you were 15 minutes before?." Marissa Polselli