Shoot for the Stars Florida Beach Retreat with Jamie Broderick

Florida Beach Retreat

I invite you to step away from your busy daily life, onto the beach, and into what's possible for you and your business. 

Our transformational coaches, a supportive community, and the ocean just a stone's throw away,  combine to provide the perfect setting for massive personal and professional shifts.

Imagine eliminating your income ceiling or hesitancy to raise your prices. Or getting clear about the goals you actually want to pursue, after you align them with your values. How would you like to start living life purposefully, instead of reactionary? Or maybe, after this experience, you'll realize, fully, how talented you are and how to best serve your clients. 

We've witnessed transformations after the retreat, as well as shifts in the room right before our eyes. We can promise tears and laughter, vulnerability and growth. It's a powerful event that will ensure that you won't leave as the same person as when you first arrived.


WAY beyond my expectations

"Jamie's Business & Beach Retreat went WAY beyond my expectations!The location was fabulous, the food fantastic and most importantly, the connections and relationships that blossomed there were phenomenal.  I have been to numerous retreats but this one had that special something that made it stand out.  We learned, we grew and had insights, a-ha's and breakthroughs that will provide us with incredible support and momentum this year and beyond. Don't miss next year's retreat- It could make all the difference in your biz and in your life! "

– Heidi Garis, Tap Into Abundance Now

Heidi Garis, retreat attendee with Jamie Broderick

a beautiful memory in my mind and heart


"Sunrises and sunsets and days that almost do not end, spent with open, spirited women on the Florida coast have left a beautiful memory in my mind and heart. The moments shared between us were intensified by the knowledge that we did not have to leave when the day was over, that there was even more greatness to happen together the next day and even the day after! For me, a chance to spend time making connections on a deeper level, really getting to know other like minded women authentically is a treasure I will long hold onto. Grateful. "– Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

Shoot for the Stars Florida Beach Retreat with Jamie Broderick

next retreat datE:

January 23-25

Initial Investment $997 / Hotel Fee $400


our speaker lineup:

our retreat agenda:


  • Relax with free time at the beach and pool, settle into your room and meet others for lunch.

  • Sign up for your private coaching session with Jamie Broderick to reflect on wins and create a clear strategy for the new year.

  • Get inspired with our private conversation with Jeffrey Shaw at 4:30pm to talk about what is possible for your business when you change your expectations.

  • Enjoy complimentary appetizers and a cocktail during the welcome reception starting at 5:15.

  • Continue the conversation and build friendships over dinner on the patio.

  • Meet us on the beach at 9:15pm to declare your intentions for the retreat before retiring for the night.


  • Stretch and walk on the beach as the sun rises over the ocean at 7am.

  • Enjoy breakfast on your own overlooking the waves.

  • Create the energy for your day by working with Jamie Broderick on expectations and intentions in your complimentary gratitude journal.

  • Dig into your money blocks with abundance and success coach Heidi Garis.

  • Meet others for lunch beachside.

  • Banish burnout, reduce overwhelm and start a practice of radical self care with Dr. Kristina Hallett.

  • Watch the sunset at 5:30pm from the dock overlooking the bay.

  • Relax with dinner and cocktails on your own.

  • Join Aimee Hoch to create your vision board for 2019.

  • Meet us on the beach at 9:15pm for our cathartic seashell toss to wash our fears and blocks away in the ocean.


  • Welcome the day with stretching and a walk on the beach as the sun rises over the ocean at 7am.

  • Identify your values and set your goals for the year with business strategy and communications coach Sue Guiher.

  • Learn how to claim your spot as a leader and become the go-to expert with Jamie Broderick.

  • Make a commitment and write your future self a letter.

  • Receive the gift of gratitude, motivation and perspective from other attendees during our sharing circle at 1:30pm.

  • Head to the airport or stay to enjoy free time.

  • Mastermind members are invited to a complimentary lunch with Jamie Broderick in a private room at 2pm.

After the retreat, continue to get support and encouragement as you re-enter the world ready to share your newfound confidence and clarity.

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