Shoot for the Stars Florida Beach Retreat with Jamie Broderick

Florida Beach Retreat

Think you can go from being stressed and unsure of how to move forward with your business to having a clear strategy, the confidence to follow it, and a new community of friends to support you as you shoot for the stars—all in three days? 

One recent attendee wasn’t so sure, but she immersed herself in the experience, from the beachside chats and ocean views to coaching in money and abundance, business strategy, and movement and mindset. Within two weeks of returning from Florida, she had implemented her new-found focus and drive, making key connections to expand her business to a new niche. Within a month she had her own website up and running, and was using live video streaming and multiple social media platforms to engage people with her message. 


“Jamie's Business & Beach Retreat went WAY beyond my expectations!  The location was fabulous, the food fantastic and most importantly, the connections and relationships that blossomed there were phenomenal.  I have been to numerous retreats but this one had that special something that made it stand out.  We learned, we grew and had insights, a-ha's and breakthroughs that will provide us with incredible support and momentum this year and beyond. Don't miss next year's retreat- It could make all the difference in your biz and in your life! "

Heidi Garis, Tap Into Abundance Now

Heidi Garis, retreat attendee with Jamie Broderick
"Sunrises and sunsets and days that almost do not end, spent with open, spirited women on the Florida coast have left a beautiful memory in my mind and heart. The moments shared between us were intensified by the knowledge that we did not have to leave when the day was over, that there was even more greatness to happen  together the next day and even the day after! For me, a chance to spend time making connections on a deeper level, really getting to know other like minded women authentically is a treasure I will long hold onto. Grateful. "
Terree Yeagle, The Moment Photography

Shoot for the Stars Florida Beach Retreat with Jamie Broderick

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January 20 18


Marissa Polselli invites you to break through your self-imposed glass ceiling and move yourself and your business further than you thought possible.

Heidi Garis invites you to join us at the retreat to be inspired and supported, experience breakthroughs, and gain freedom and ease for your business. 

our retreat agenda:

  • On Wednesday, you arrive as early as you wish to enjoy free time at the beach and pool, settle into your room and meet others for lunch.
  • Private coaching sessions with Jamie Broderick begin to celebrate wins and create clarity on your business direction. 
  • You introduce yourself and your business poolside during our complimentary cocktail welcome reception at 5pm. 
  • Inspirational success coach Aimee Hoch will lead a discussion about how to inspire your audience to action. 
  • You are encouraged to continue the conversation over dinner on the patio.
  • We close the evening on the beach to set our intentions with fitness and mindset experts Rebecca Kahn and Crystal Robinson.
  • At sunrise Thursday morning, Rebecca will lead movement exercises along the ocean followed by a walk on the beach.
  • Enjoy breakfast on your own overlooking the ocean. 
  • Crystal will start our training session with the creation and sharing of affirmations. 
  • Money and abundance coach Heidi Garis will lead a powerful session on money and abundance as it relates to pricing and positioning so you can start making the income you deserve.
  • Movement breaks throughout the day with Rebecca.
  • Lunch on your own overlooking the ocean. 
  • Business strategy and communications coach Sue Guiher will lead an interactive workshop on confident communications so you can share your value, have sales conversations that convert, and command higher pricing. 
  • At sunset Thursday evening, Rebecca will lead yoga on the dock overlooking the bay.
  • Dinner and cocktails on your own. Singing optional. Relaxing encouraged.
  • At sunrise Friday morning, Rebecca will lead movement and stretching exercises along the ocean followed by a walk on the beach.
  • On Friday, Sue will lead a discussion on productivity, boundaries and value.
  • Crystal will challenge us to set and achieve big goals for 2018. 
  • Aimee will build on the goal setting session to help you identify the resources and mindset needed to cross the finish line. 
  • Jamie will close the retreat at 1pm with shared takeaways and letters to our future selves.  
  • Guests are welcome to stay longer to enjoy lunch oceanside.
  • And best of all, you continue to get support and encouragement after you leave the retreat and re-enter the world ready to share your newfound confidence and clarity.

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