Keep Learning

When I was an Accounting Manager at Nabisco, I spent a lot of time teaching my staff new skills. I was in my twenties. Some of my staff were in their fifties and had been working there for years. Although they did their jobs well, they weren't expanding their knowledge or acquiring any new skills. They were doing the same job they had always done and didn't think they had the potential to do more.

I pushed them to learn new tasks and expand their horizons. They initially resisted, but once they saw they were capable of doing more and achieving new goals, they were so proud of themselves and ready to learn even more. I rewarded them with praise and a gold star on the back of their hand, which, as silly as it sounds, they proudly wore for the rest of the day.

Having the confidence to take a risk and experience new things allows you to grow as a person and opens up a world of opportunities. Even small accomplishments will make you feel great. The more you achieve, the more you believe you can handle.  

If you need help taking steps forward, find positive supportive people to rally around you. As you grow yourself, you will grow your business. A support group will give you the confidence to handle the increasing responsibility. Learn more about our community, The Success Connection HERE.

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images