Be More Visible


If you're looking for visibility, connections to influencers can help your business.

Here are a few ideas on how to implement this strategy:

  1. Take a photo. Something as simple as getting your photo taken with a well-known person can increase your visibility when you post it online. By tagging them on social media, their audience will see your photo in their newsfeed. This can also raise your credibility by showcasing your upleveled network of connections.

  2. Be a part of the conversation. Influencers often host webinars or livestream video chats. You can get their attention by responding to their comments, offering helpful information, and being an active participant in the chat, An added benefit is getting the attention of their followers.

  3. Get an endorsement. The definition of an influencer is someone who has a following of people who are influenced by what they are doing and saying. Consumers wish to emulate the success of famous people by using products or services that they recommend. Getting a photo of an influencer with your book or product, or asking them to write a testimonial about your work as I have done for my Home page HERE, can be very effective.

To be most effective, DO THIS:

  1. Be honest and authentic. Build a relationship before asking for any favors. It's networking rule #1 to support others first.

  2. Align your brand. The celebrity's values and lifestyle should be similar to your company's mission. Enlist someone who demonstrates the same type of attitude and behaviors that you value.

  3. Ask permission. Ensure they are open to having a photo taken or being included in your online posts.

  4. Be grateful. Thank them for their time and recognize their graciousness and generosity online. Show your gratitude by supporting them in some way.

  5. Consider likability. Choose a celebrity that your target audience can relate to.

  6. Be generous. Provide sample products or free services. If a celebrity loves your product or service enough to use it, leverage the endorsement with photos and video.

  7. Don't overlook past clients who have a large network of connections and a lot of influence. Third party endorsements from someone who has used your product or services in the past are also very effective.

  8. Leverage your endorsements. Marketing is never one and done. When you get a celebrity endorsement, write about it in a blog post, share it on social media, and add it to your website.


  1. Storm the stage and force yourself on someone without permission.

  2. Photobomb celebrities and then claim a relationship.

  3. Ask for an endorsement or other favor before having a relationship.

  4. Tag people online to take advantage of their network of connections and only benefit yourself.

  5. Be impatient and petulant if you don't get immediate results.


Do you need help aligning your brand with influencers?

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How to Increase your Visibility with Influencers