Take the Leap

What happens when thirteen female entrepreneurs of different backgrounds, ages, and athletic ability meet in Middletown, NY to tackle a ropes course together?

Tug of war games happen. And tire hoisting. Something called “the human knot” occurs, as do faith walks, rock wall climbing, zip lining, and yes, even feats of daring on a flying trapeze. But as it turns out, that’s only the beginning of the adventure.

Mindset makes the difference

If you’re a business owner, at some point you took the leap to turn your dream into a reality. But most of us have some kind of fear, doubt, or limiting belief that hinders us from thinking bigger and stepping boldly forward into our fullest potential as entrepreneurs.

The two unique retreat experiences I’ve created focus on mindset, which is key to owning our power as dreamers and doers.

  • My Shoot for the Stars beach and business retreat took place yearly in Florida, and focused on cultivating a mindset of abundance and success. Attendees took the leap to clear blocks about money and recognize their true value, leaving empowered to build the business of their dreams.

  • Soar to New Heights was my annual business adventure retreat. The leap here is a literal one, but overcoming those physical challenges gives us the insight and confidence to take on challenges in our personal and business lives.  

“I came in jumping literally with both feet and felt every moment of it,” said 2018 attendee Michele Laskowski Derham. “I felt stronger and empowered--definitely things I’ll take with me and apply not just to physical challenges, but to my business life as well.”

Take the leap and the net will appear

Each participant at this year’s Soar to New Heights retreat faced the ropes course with her own fears and uncertainties. Every one of them, though, was able to access an inner reserve of strength, break through self-imposed boundaries, and go higher than they ever thought they could.

And without fail, the net appeared. Made up of their own strength and the support of community, the net gave them the ability to keep going forward with confidence, on the course and in owning their dreams in life and business.

“A lot of us here came with our apprehensions,” Michele says, “and are leaving feeling like we conquered something.”

From dreaming to doing

Putting together a retreat like this means so much to me because I love connecting women to their own greatness and to each other. I love bringing the potential I see in each person to the surface by creating a safe space for thinking bigger and better—and enabling the shift in mindset that helps people move from dreaming to doing.

Author and Emmy Award winning journalist Lu Ann Cahn describes it this way, “Jamie inspires women to think outside the box, to take risks, to dream, and then to create something extraordinary.”

Moving from dreaming to doing requires support and confidence. The supportive relationships that are formed when people take time out from their daily routines to share an experience of vulnerability and transformation continue to grow long after the retreat has ended.

The confidence gained from believing in yourself enough to invest the time, money, and energy into participating in a retreat continues to grow as well and affects every aspect of your business, from your ability to establish pricing and promote yourself to your capacity to deliver and take decisive action that distinguishes you as the expert in your field.

And you are that expert! You have something unique and wonderful to offer that the world needs, so what are you waiting for? Take the leap! I promise you, the net will appear.

Want to talk about how you can get support in taking the leap? We can chat here.

Jamie BroderickComment