Clarity & Focus

Accomplishing your goals

What does it take to build your business? While the particulars may vary from one business to another, the essentials remain the same: clarity and focused action.

I’ve seen many entrepreneurs enthusiastically set goals, only to watch their motivation fizzle out or see them get off course spending time on the wrong things. As a success coach I help my clients build forward momentum, achieving incredible results with greater ease and less overwhelm because they have weekly, and sometimes daily, accountability, clarity, and focus.

The clear difference

Clarity is the fundamental difference maker in a business. Without clarity about what you want to achieve and why, it’s impossible to know what action steps to focus on to get there. The end result for business owners is overwhelm, wasted time, frustration, and decreased productivity. But the end result for your clients is equally significant: if you’re stuck and unclear about your offerings, process, or direction, your clients will be confused, less confident in your abilities, and less likely to benefit from all you have to offer.

Eyes on the prize

When I work with entrepreneurs I help them reach that clarity so they can take focused action to move forward in their business. I start by helping them visualize the end goal, and once they are clear on exactly what they want to accomplish, they can work backwards from the desired result, filling in the steps and tasks it will take to get there.

When you work with a clear end goal in mind, you are able to bring a much higher level of focus to every aspect of your business. This allows you to fast track your success by:

  • Planning clear next steps: When you are crystal clear on your destination, you are able to strategically plan the most efficient way to get there. Just like a trip, you can mark the progress towards your end goal with major milestones, then break those down into smaller action items that are easier to implement. Focus on one action item at a time, and you’ll move forward with purpose and ease.

  • Identifying and closing open loops: Open loops are things you’ve put off making a decision about or taking action on. From taking forever to decide which email marketing platform to use, to knowing that you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant but just not getting around to doing it, open loops sap productivity. Taking stock of the places you need to make a decision or take action helps you address them and move on with more energy to devote to your bigger goals.

  • Staying the course: Knowing your ultimate goal means that you have something to measure everything else by. When a new idea or opportunity comes up, you can evaluate it to see if it supports the goal you are focusing on. If it doesn’t, you can save it for another time so that you maintain a laser focus on your desired outcome and achieve it more quickly and easily.

Accountability is key

Gaining clarity and implementing focused action are essential, but not always easy to do on your own. That’s why I’ve created Success Circles. Through the support of a private Facebook group, participants gain weekly focus for clarity, accountability, and forward momentum to achieve success with greater ease.

If you’d like to move past the overwhelm and move towards your goals without getting sidetracked along the way, let’s chat about how I can support you in achieving success through clarity, focus, and accountability!

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