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How I Got My Advice Published in Forbes

Training + Access + Action + Relationship Building = Success + Visibility

I was given the opportunity to submit story ideas to a Forbes contributor.

I submitted 6.

I heard she liked 3 of them. Months went by. No article.

I needed to make this happen, so here's what I did:

  • I followed the contributor on Twitter.

  • I saw that she had recently gotten married. 

  • I sent her an email and told her I was part of Impacting Millions.

  • I congratulated her on her wedding. 

  • I asked her if she was still interested in my stories.

  • I included the full copy of two of them.

  • I thanked her for considering my ideas.

She responded a few hours later and gave me the good news. My advice on networking was published in Forbes!

Top Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of opportunities for access to people who can bring you more success. 

  • Improve your odds with more than one story idea. 

  • Follow up.

  •  Mention something personal. 

  • Make it easy for them. 

  • Be grateful no matter the outcome. 

You can read my advice in Forbes HERE.

Jamie BroderickComment